Terms and Conditions

Orders can be paid by credit card through PayPal® secure payment system.


The online sales activity exclusively competes with CALZA SAN GIORGIO by Mauro Scaglioni, owner of the portal www.dance.it

- These general conditions of sale must be expressly accepted by those who intend to proceed with the online purchase. The forwarding of the purchase request presupposes the full knowledge of the general conditions of sale and therefore represents the unconditional acceptance of the same.


For the purposes of these general sales conditions: - CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni is the supplier that, acting in the context of its commercial activity, sells electronically, against payment of the relative purchase price, all the products indicated in the catalog prepared inside the E-SHOP; - purchaser is the natural person or legal entity that purchases the products offered for sale by CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni. - contract is the agreement, governed by these terms of sale, stipulated between CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni and the purchaser following the receipt of the purchase request sent electronically and subsequently confirmed, always via computer, from the same CALZA SAN GIORGIO by Mauro Scaglioni using a special confirmation message. It is acknowledged that the formative process of the contract takes the form of a series of telematic passages, the last of which consists both in the acceptance of the present sales conditions, at the bottom of which the provisions concerning the right of withdrawal are highlighted. The system underlying the online purchase allows the buyer, during the compilation of the fields aimed at the sale, to modify / correct / integrate the data entered. - request for purchase is the order sent by electronic means in which the type and characteristics of the product you have chosen to purchase are specified. This purchase request is automatically followed by a message summarizing the purchase completed; - confirmation message is the message promptly sent to the purchaser's e-mail address through which CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni, after confirming the availability of the chosen item, gives final confirmation of the purchase request received, summarizing in detail both the article and the present conditions of sale.



- The "INTRODUCTIONS", described in art. 1, and the "DEFINITIONS", enunciated in the art. 2, are an integral and essential part of these general sales conditions. - The receipt by CALZA SAN GIORGIO of Mauro Scaglioni of the purchase request sent by the purchaser by electronic transmission, request subsequently confirmed, always by electronic means by the same CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni, through a specific confirmation message, determines the conclusion of the sales contract. - Following the conclusion of the contract, CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni undertakes to deliver, upon payment of the relative price, the product requested by means of a shipper at the residence / domicile / registered office indicated by the buyer within the term of 30 ( thirty) days from the day following the day on which the purchaser transmitted the purchase order.


The buyer agrees to make the payment no later than 15 days from the date of the order.

If the payment is not received within the 15th day, CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni will cancel the order on the 16th day.


All products offered for sale by CALZA SAN GIORGIO by Mauro Scaglioni are shown accurately and in detail, as such responding to the characteristics actually possessed by them. For each of them the color in which the product is available, the size / number and the relative price is appropriately indicated, according to the current commercial terminology. As regards specifically the color of the article, CALZA SAN GIORGIO by Mauro Scaglioni, due to the different "color-calibration" that each buyer can assign to his own monitor, finds it impossible to ensure the exact correspondence of the same, so as it appears on the monitor, to the actual color that distinguishes the item.


In the case of purchase of goods with PAYPAL payment by credit card, together with the conclusion of the online transaction, the reference bank will authorize the amount relating to the purchase made. The amount relating to the goods processed, even partially, will actually be charged to the customer's credit card of the total amount, already counted in the total order. Nothing more than what is indicated at the time of the order will be due by the Customer.

6.1 In case of cancellation of the order, both by the Customer and in case of non-acceptance by CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni, the cancellation of the transaction and the release will be requested by CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni of the amount committed.


In the event that a product other than that ordered by the purchaser and specified in the purchase request CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni is delivered by way of mistake, it undertakes, as soon as possible, to replace the product itself. . To this end, the purchaser must promptly inform CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni of the difference found, by sending a communication to the e-mail address info@dance.it. Only and exclusively in this hypothesis, the shipping costs that the buyer will have to pay to return the product and those that CALZA SAN GIORGIO by Mauro Scaglioni, will have to bear to return the product, are entirely borne by CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni


If disputes arise between CALZA SAN GIORGIO di Mauro Scaglioni and the buyer regarding the interpretation, validity and / or execution of these general conditions of sale, both contracting parties mutually acknowledge that the competent court is the Court of place of residence or domicile or registered office of the Seller